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Love the riffage and the spooky instrumentals and strings in the background. Lol E tuned? E standard?? Haha drop e woulda been bad ass. check out the song infinity its in drop 8 , so sexeth

sexy loop, simple and flowing. well done

Dudee, original was much better. This is wayyyy over compressed!!!! What the hell are you mixing on bro, this sounds like dung on my monitors... it's no doubt this song was a masterpiece... but why try and polish a piece of gold? It's like polishing a turd. This is super over compressed dawg, you can hear it!

Awesome mix of influences, i can hear the pantera and LOG for sure. Sick shit brother

I like the non vocal version better. This guy is a good lyricist but his voice needs a lot of work in my opinion. It has no power, no rasp and harshness, it's too weak for the heaviness of the guitar playing

Awesome shit dude, do suicide nation!

I find this song quite annoying, mediocre leads, bass and synth.
Terrible mixing, the four bar bass is raping the whole song.
Horrible, uncoordinated song structure.
I only give this 2.5 because the vocal work and stuttering is interesting.
The idea is good, but it could be SOO much better.
I'd collab with someone on a second version!

TastyTeo responds:

To be honest i made this song in a rush and well it needed much work i couldn't get done. Thanks for your review though

Not sure where you are going with this one, Rich.
This just seems to incohesive and incoherent to me.
It seems like you didn't spend a lot of time on this song and that it was more a track to play just for fun.
At least that's my take, it's too far off from your normal melodic style for me to like.
But it's good to see you exploring different aspects of metal playing.

I love those bass drops.
He uses FL studio.


This is so sick and heavy. The vocalist sounds just like Sadus's vocalist. The solo needs some work, but other than that, this is total sickness.

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